The Ingrahams

October 29, 2007

This is one of our favorite families! Elizabeth is such a cutie and my daughter loves her! Andee follows her around everywhere…it is so cute! Elizabeth almost knows me too well, because she can tune me out when I try to make her smile. I had to call Ryan to come and meet us to get her to smile…..of course, then she just wanted to play with Ryan! We did get some great shots, and here are just a few…

There is another new post after this one, so keep SCROLLING DOWN! I am trying to catch up from last week and this weekend.












2 Responses to “The Ingrahams”

  1. Melanie said

    These are too sweet! Alisha looks so pretty in the couples picture and Elizabeth looks like she is giving daddy a good “talking to” in the one with all three of them! Beautiful job!

  2. Robyn said

    What awesome pictures!!! I’m tearing up at Miss Elizabeth! And Alisha…you are beeeeeutiful :o) Great job Jamers, you are teh best!!

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