Clark and Rica

November 2, 2007

Meet Clark and Rica! These two have been together for a long time and they are finally getting married next October! Clark is a fellow photographer, so it is always fun to photograph someone who is not at all used to being on that side of the camera. Rica and I had to give him lots of “talks.” He was so uncomfortable, but he loosened up finally! I’m already in trouble for writing that I’m sure! Anyway we have been friends for awhile and we help each other with business stuff. It is  great to have other photographers as friends! Clark proposed to Rica when she went to pick up her brand new Mini Cooper. He had the ring in the car when she got there to pick it up…it was very cute. We had to do a few pictures with the car since it was part of their engagement story. Sorry I made you wait all week to see these Rica!




the “talk” in action…





the traditional shot…


the other “Cooper” in their lives…



One Response to “Clark and Rica”

  1. Rica said

    Jamie!!!! These are super cute! You are the best! Thank you so much!! (and thanks for getting our baby Cooper in there!)

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