The Mann Family

November 9, 2007

This is an adorable family with a lot of energy! These boys keep their parents busy. We took these last Saturday morning. I know I am still way behind…wedding albums and the Nutcracker Market (thanks to Tiffany and Alisha) are the culprits for the delay! Anyway, back to the Mann Family. We really wanted to go to the red wall that I love so much near downtown Conroe, but this truck has been parked right in front of it for awhile and it is just ruining my plans. If anyone knows of another red wall in Conroe they need to tell me about it! We improvised and found another “red spot” and it worked out pretty well. We also went to a park and the stone wall. Oh and I HAVE to tell you the boys names…Dad- Landon, oldest son- Layton, youngest son- Lawson….Hello photographer nightmare! Just try saying those names over and over to get the kids to smile and the dad to move over and the youngest to smile again! It was fun let me tell you! ( I may have spelled the names wrong, but you get the point). Here are just a few of my favorite ones…


he’s going somewhere…



I love it….kiss that grumpy face!



to me this picture shows their personalities so well…




at the end of the session to keep them in one spot their dad put them on the bumper of his truck! my only thought was, why did we not think of that sooner!



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