The Smith Family

November 9, 2007

Okay Justin and Tiffany the wait is over! I love this family…they are so adorable! I could photograph these girls all day long. They have such sweet personalities and those curls on the little one are to die for! I want to glue them on Andee’s head. I am not biased at all, but if you have a little girl with curls like that you might get a discount on your session. I loved so many pictures from this session, but I can only post a few, so enjoy…



so tiffany says the next picture is border line glamour shot-ish, but I think she is crazy…someone please tell her she’s crazy! (by the way I love it when people say my work looks like glamour shots!)










2 Responses to “The Smith Family”

  1. Robyn :o) said

    Oh my stinkin’ goodness!!! How precious are these pictures?!? Those girlies have the most beautiful eyes ever!! The one with the girls laying down needs to be in a magazine :o)(next to Abi’s of course)

  2. marsha said

    the glamorshotish picture…. that little girl it BEAUTIFUL

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