The Jordan Family

November 13, 2007

 Talk about energy…this family has some! This session was last Sunday and the weather was perfect. It started to get dark on us, but we had fun chasing the kids around (well Amber might not have thought it was very fun). You guys might remember Kennedy from a post just a few weeks ago…the little model with the red hat. Well, this go around she was not having it…at all! She refused to smile at me, or even look at me for that matter! The boys are precious and they did great in between their runs! The pictures describe their session very well…



the boys with their Dad…


Kennedy would not let her mom get the depth of field shot she was dying to have….





Our final attempt to get all the kids in one place…


I have to admit I love the next photo…it makes me laugh, a wide angle makes for interesting pictures when you are really close!


The next picture pretty much sums up the Jordan family photos….so here you go Amber, your Christmas photo!



3 Responses to “The Jordan Family”

  1. Robyn said

    seriously, I’m tearing up with those boys!! They are so precious :o) I love those Jordans!

  2. Amber said

    Thanks again, Jamie. I know it was an interesting session for you, with Kennedy being in a “diva mood”. Thanks for your gentle way. And tell “peek-a-boo Ryan” we appreciate him, too!

  3. marsha said

    wow kennedy is getting big! Still wears that pretty bow in her hair 🙂

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