Andee Grace

November 19, 2007

It’s about time for an Andee post! I have not been taking very many pictures of my baby! I know everyone was dying for some Andee Grace close-up action…







8 Responses to “Andee Grace”

  1. Beth said

    Beautiful! Her hair is getting so long, I love how it curls!

  2. Robyn said

    She is so precious…I could just eat those cheeks!! :o)

  3. Alisha said

    She is the cutest Andee in the WHOLE world!!

  4. ashleygillen said

    She looks like a gap baby in the first one. You should send it in

  5. Krissy said

    SO cute!

  6. Andee's Dad Ryan said

    Besides my wife this has got to be the most beautiful girl in the world!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness she looks like her mom!

  7. Crystal said

    She is getting SO big! It’s amazing how quickly they change. She is just beautiful. I want her and Mia Grace to meet so bad.

  8. Laynette said

    Love her!! She is way too easy to love. Her eyes and smile just melt you.

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