busy, busy

December 15, 2007

the reason I have not been blogging lately is not because there have not been sessions to blog…there have been lots! I am so busy trying to get all the last minute Christmas orders done that I have no time to blog. I promise I will get back in the blogging mode once these Christmas orders are filled! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and shopping away. Anyone with ideas for Ryan can shoot me an e-mail, poor guy I haven’t bought him one gift yet! For now here is one of our family pictures that Cathy (my new photo friend) took of us….edited Jamie Kutter style of course 🙂 I’m going to start putting more fun textures and effects on pictures for my blog! Isn’t my baby the cutest….



3 Responses to “busy, busy”

  1. Tiffany said

    How cute! I LOVE her little dress. Got your Christmas card yesterday and it’s adorable. I love all the bright colors! Could Andee be any cuter????

  2. Chris Halifax said

    Loved your Christmas card. Saw it at Tiff’s. Also, I love your hair color.

  3. Kat Villarreal said

    love your blog!! it’s so much fun looking at all the beautiful portraits you shoot. i can’t wait until our next session…it’s like an addiction…only good!!!

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