the McCreary Family

January 12, 2008

I have known this family for a very long time. I shot David and Cassie’s wedding a few years ago and I was excited to get to take photos for them again. David is in the military and stationed in Japan, so his mom really wanted to get pictures before he had to go back. I had fun with this session. Jackie (the mom) had her friend’s backyard in mind for the location for the pictures, but when we got there it had really harsh sun in the back. We decided to make due and shoot in the front yard. It turned out good and I loved getting them to play in the grass while I just snapped pictures. Here are a few of my favorites…

The day we took pictures was actually Riley’s first birthday!



I love the next picture. It is motivating me to go take pictures of Andee with my grandmother and grandfather. I need to do that asap!


Riley and her Pops…



David’s hit and run…



their kids ( 2 sons, and a daughter in-law)


the whole crew…


Jackie’s friend who’s yard we were borrowing had her grandaughter there, so I could not leave without snapping a few pictures of her! Isn’t she cute…




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