Andee’s new do!

January 14, 2008

Andee got a haircut last week. I finally went and took pictures of her new do today. I will post more of the cute pictures I took of her today later, but for now here are two…




8 Responses to “Andee’s new do!”

  1. Krissy said

    That may be the cutest haircut and outfit EVER!!! Girls…I need one! 🙂

  2. Alisha said

    OH MY GOSH! She looks like she’s 3 in the last pic! Have you been shopping at the GAP without me????
    LOVE IT!

  3. Melanie said

    Oh, she is just too cute!! She looks so grown up! almost like a “first day of school” picture!!

  4. Beth said

    Oh my gosh! Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter – she does! She looks adorable, especially with that skirt and leggings.

  5. Robyn said

    How stinkin’ adorable!!! She looks like such a big girl :o)

  6. Cathy Hengst said

    ADORABLE!!! She looks so much older. Did she go see Ms. Ali? LOVE it. One of my favorite styles on Layne then she decides to let it grow.

  7. Paw Paw said

    I love you Andee Grace!!!! You are absolutely adorable!!

  8. Tiffany said

    There’s that adorable hair cut:) She really is the cutest thing ever!!

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