you can never get tired of this cute face!

January 18, 2008

well at least I don’t! here are a few more pictures that I promised from my shoot with Andee last Sunday. I love my baby so much! the way photo shoots go with her now is that she is in charge (although I would love to take credit for getting her in just the right spot or having her look through the circle on the gate…I just can’t). I follow her around. There is no directing with her,  she does what she wants and I just photograph it. This is how most of my toddler shoots go, but I can’t complain because I love those sessions. You definitely never know what you will get! sorry this is a really long post, but there is something really fun at the end!

this is how the session started out….hiding behind her Nemo!







she even did this all on her own…


she’s showing you the back of her cute new hair…


A little dialogue for the next picture…

Andee: “Hi mommy!”

Me: “Man, I’m glad I just switched to the macro!”




I was so sad we didn’t get to take more with this coat on! She was DONE by the time I pulled it out…



 So I have something fun for you to participate in…

You have now seen lots of pictures of Andee, here are a few pictures of Ryan and I when we were babies….

(you will get to vote on who you think she looks most like at the bottom)





I created a fun poll for you to tell us who you think she looks the most like, click on the link below…

online surveyTake Our Poll

P.S. I purposely made you choose! it’s to easy to say she is just a good mix!


10 Responses to “you can never get tired of this cute face!”

  1. Beth said

    It really is an equal amount. In some pictures she looks just like you, but in others she looks like Ryan. But I voted for you, since she’s got your eyes and looks more like you do now that Ryan does now. 🙂 Bottom line, though? She’s gorgeous!

  2. jamiekutter said

    Beth, I was holding your little dog in one of the pictures of me!

  3. Paw Paw said

    Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!
    Paw Paw loves Andee Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Paw Paw said


    I don’t think that puppy was Beth’s. It was Grandma Roper’s little dog, “April.”

  5. Beth said

    My mom said it was Sandy… either way, she’s cute! 🙂

  6. jamiekutter said

    Yeah, I’m with Aunt B…it was Sandy!

  7. Susan said


    Andee looks just like you! Sorry Ryan, the next one will most likely look like you. :0)

  8. Crystal said

    Andee is just so cute. She is such a little doll. I looked and looked and had a hard time voting, but I decided I think she looks like you! Such a fun idea.

  9. Amber said

    ok… the fact is, the first picture of Ryan, looks just Andee when she makes that face. But she favors both pictures of you as well. If I had to choose which picture most looks like Andee, I’d have to say the first with Ryan. However, I think day-to-day she looks more like you. Make sense?

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