not your ordinary senior pictures!

February 8, 2008

I love senior pictures. I have so much fun with them. Miss Jessica is so adorable and has so much style that I just loved photographing her. I could blog 100 pictures from her session I love them so much! She is a painter and photographer! She is going to art school after she graduates, so I wanted her pictures to reflect her artsy side and her style. Okay I have to tell you about what happened during our session…Just as we were finishing up her session some weird,creepy street guy is walking toward us (we were downtown) and then stops really close to me….in my personal space. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am super aware of my surroundings and since 3 men in family are cops I’m kind of paranoid. We started heading for the car and he is walking with us…NOT OKAY! I’m like dude can I help you because Jessica’s about to take you out with her huge frame (see the pictures below)! He procedes to give me photo advice all the while being entirely too close to me. According to the sketchy street guy I needed three reflectors on the picture he saw me take….I argue with him a little. I mean honestly taking three assistants to every shoot to hold reflectors is just not in my business plan right now! Nor, does he realize that the huge white building directly behind me is working great as my reflector! weirdo! So until the grungy street guy is running a successful photo business I think I will stick with my own lighting methods! Don’t get me wrong reflectors can be great tools, but photo advice from someone who looks like they may try to grab you doesn’t work for me! Jessica’s a trooper…I could see her muscles flexing, she was right there with me. One move and he was going down! The picture below is the one I took right before he showed up….






look at her pretty blue eyes…





she made her necklace…isn’t it so cute. I told her she had to make me one! (Don’t forget Jess!)


me feeling a little artistic too….I love this next shot!





3 Responses to “not your ordinary senior pictures!”

  1. Robyn said

    I can be the reflector holder 😉 I’m really glad that you are blogging again…miss you !!

  2. Melanie said

    She is super cute! What fun senior shots!! Very unique! Can I just have a teaspoon of your creativity?!:)

  3. Alisha said

    Okay, that is some of your best work yet! And she is the perfect model!

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