The Peters Family

February 14, 2008

I know I said I was going to blog Jordan next, but I’m being a very bad friend and making Meagan wait forever to see some pictures! I shot these a few weeks ago….yicks! Sorry Meagan, or should I say Claudia and Cynthia (the grandmas)! Anyway, we’ve been friends with this family for several years now. I always love getting to see them…we just don’t get to enough anymore! Cody will be a big brother very soon. You can barely tell, but Meagan has a baby bump! They just found out they are having a girl and I am so excited for them. Cody is so cute and he happens to be Andee’s future husband! He was her first kiss at one month old, check out the picture below! It was so funny!



the song “Onward Christian soldier, marching on to war…” immediately popped in my head when I saw the next picture, but Cody is thinking “onward to the train!”  He loves trains and we were really close to the railroad tracks, so when one went by he was completely distracted…it was all about the train! img_0788blog.jpg

then he found a train on the door of a building downtown….I just couldn’t compete with the trains!





he has gotten so big! He turned two last October, the next picture was when he was 6 months old…


and the kiss (yes, at 6 months he licked Andee’s cheek all by himself!)



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