I’m Leaving!

February 17, 2008

I am blogging right now at 5am….yicks! I am leaving to go to a photography workshop for a week. I barely finished packing yesterday, so therefore the blogging that I wanted to get done yesterday had to wait until today! If you are waiting to see pictures Ryan will be helping me out by getting those online for you today. The best way to get in touch with us this week is by e-mail. I will return any phone calls Monday Feb. 25th. I am headed to Bald Head Island, NC and the cell phone and internet reception is slim I hear. Ryan will also be helping me check and return e-mails this week. The long awaited Love Affair Photography Workshop is finally here! Check out the website to see what I will be up to for the next week www.loveaffairworkshop.com. I can’t wait to show you pictures when I get back!


I have to say thank you to my wonderful husband for letting me take this trip! He is going to be on full “daddy duty” and helping me keep up with my business this week. Thank you Love….I will miss you so much!



One Response to “I’m Leaving!”

  1. lacey b said

    i hope you love bald head. brandon was there for 6 weeks on a business trip. he got to stay in a villa right on the beach, and loved every minute of it. i hope you love it as much!

    btw – gorgeous shots of jen and eric.

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