Jen and Eric

February 29, 2008

This is Jen and Eric. They are getting married May 3rd. I am the matron of honor in their wedding…wahoo! Needless to say I will not be shooting this wedding. I just really wanted to have fun with them on their wedding day, so they hired the fantastic Lauren Clark to come and shoot their wedding. She is amazing and will do a fantastic job (can you tell I had something to do with who her photographer would be :))! This is part 1 of Jen and Eric’s engagement session. I took these the Saturday before I left for Love Affair. It was a nasty day with lots of misty rain. Normally I would have rescheduled the appointment, but I knew there would be more pictures later. We just went with it and had fun with the yucky weather….








5 Responses to “Jen and Eric”

  1. lroah said

    Are you kidding me with these? WOW. Beautiful. Miss you!!! Can you come out to L.A and shop with me?

  2. Crystal DelaHoz said

    OMG, Jamie. You keep getting better and better if that is even possible! These shots are gorgeous. I love love love #1 and #5. Just beautiful!

  3. marsha said

    They are just the cutest couple ever, I think the dreary weather makes it all more beautiful. Great photographs… I think your getting better than when I first started following your blog. Thats a compliment b/c your work was fantasic then.

  4. kim said

    I am lovin this engagement session.. looks like you are back on Bald Head!

  5. Julie said

    wow, I love all of these!

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