March 1, 2008

So when Ryan and I get bored we just borrow kids! Yesterday we found these two! well, really their mommy had a new baby on Feb. 14…another boy and I just thought she might need a day without the BIG boys! I got to kiss cheeks chubbier than Andee’s all day yesterday! It was great! Andee loved it. She followed Costner (the oldest) around all day. Of course I had to do a little mini photo shoot on my front porch, how cute are they…




I told Costner to give me a mean face and this is the best he could do before he started laughing…






5 Responses to “BOYS!”

  1. marsha said

    ahhh I am envious you got to hang with brooksie! I just love him!

  2. Alisha said

    Those are the sweetest little faces ever! I just love those two!

  3. Melanie said

    ahhh! they are just the sweetest!! that is the cutest “mean” face I’ve ever seen!!

  4. shannon said

    Thank you so much for these, they are so cute!!!

  5. Sandy said

    These are great shots of these sweet little boys! Thanks from the Brookses in California.

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