Heather and Joel

March 17, 2008

I shot Joel and Heather’s wedding the day after I returned from the Love Affair workshop. It was so nerve racking the day I left NC, because this crazy Northern front was causing almost all the flights to be canceled and delayed when we got to the airport on Friday morning to leave Wilmington. (Joel and Heather don’t even know this story!) Poor Brooke (we were traveling together), I was kind of freaking out until they actually took my luggage. I was so afraid my flight would be delayed or canceled at the last minute. Some of the love affair girls got stuck in the airport overnight and it ended up taking them all weekend to get home. Luckily I made it home right on time! Okay back to the wedding…. I had so much fun with this couple. I knew that I would, because Joel and Heather are so laid back and are up for anything. While I was getting ready for their wedding I was trying so hard to think of some creative things to do with them at the wedding. Joel is so crazy and is very involved with the kid’s program at our church. I was trying to think of a fun way to show his personality and then I got a crazy idea….he is always dressing up crazy for skits for the kids, so we had to raid The Ark’s fantastic costume closet…it was so fun! Joel loved the idea and really worked it…look and see!




the beautiful bride…



Heather’s Grandma was one of her bridesmaids, it was so sweet…


I also had to try a few fun things we talked about at love affair, here is a little motion blur for you…


and some panning…


the next few pictures crack me up (how fun are these groomsmen!)…




Joel as himself…




I had to try it with the couple too! I need a little more practice, but I think it turned out pretty neat…






3 Responses to “Heather and Joel”

  1. Joel Nece said


    Just wanted to say that the pictures lool really good. I think you were able to do Heather justice, I don’t look fat and I love my gangsta fro funk rap style pictures yo!

    Thanks again,


  2. Charlie Price said

    Jamie –

    These are awesome! Cant wait to see all of the pics!


  3. great movement shots! i can’t wait to try that at my next wedding. beautiful work jamie 🙂

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