Lots of pictures to come!

March 17, 2008

So I just thought I would make a post to let everyone know what’s going on with me! I have been busy, busy shooting pictures, in fact I have 10 sessions to make galleries for right now. I want everyone waiting to see their pictures to know when they can expect to see them. This is the order….

1. Marie’s bridal ( unfortunately I can’t let you see these yet!)

2. Kathryn ( senior session)

3. Lindsay (senior session)

4. Samantha (senior session)

5. Harper (cute baby/grandparent session)

6. Marcy (senior session)

7. Kory (senior session)

8. Crystal and Mike’s family session

9. Jared and Kayla (engagement session)

10. Experiment session (Brooke and I shot a “mock” engagement session at the Carnival in Houston…so fun! I can not wait to show you these!)

Crazy, huh! I will get it done this week….I’m determined! Now scroll down to see Heather and Joel’s really fun wedding!



One Response to “Lots of pictures to come!”

  1. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Girl, you are like a rock star!

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