March 27, 2008

She is my first out of town senior! She, her mom, and sister drove in from Tyler to have me photograph her for her senior pictures…what a great compliment! Marcy has a really fun personality. She was talking funny, doing the dance from Napoleon Dynamite, making fun of her sister for constantly running over and fixing her hair…it was great fun you should have been there!Β Her eyes are crazy blue, just look at them! I wanted to find some new, fun places for her session and that we did…





her best Napoleon move!



I really liked that Coke cooler, can you tell? and who painted an entire wall zebra, Crazy!



I think her sister and I were just trying to torture her at this point, what crazy thing can we make Marcy do (hahaha!)…


this hurts my eyes just looking at it…



62 Responses to “Marcy”

  1. marcy said

    i love them i love them i love them i LOVE them. oh and i LOVE them πŸ™‚
    thanks so much

  2. Leah said

    Beautiful girl!!! I LOVE that zebra wall – Wow! Great pics as always!

  3. Beth said

    I love the zebra wall, especially with her red jacket!

  4. Brynn McCormick said

    oh my goodness. i love how alllll these photos show marcy’s personality and the pretty creation she is πŸ™‚

  5. Jessica said

    Marcy your pictures are amazing! I’m jealous now! I have so many favorites it’s hard to choose! I love them all. But I especially love your black and white close up, the zebra wall, and definately your Napolean picture the most! πŸ™‚

  6. Katherine said

    i love these!!!! sooo cute!!!! you are adorable!

  7. kimberly said

    marcy you never cease to amaze me…you are so georgious and fun! i love how these pictures capture exactly who you are instead of being another boring pose…lovelove

  8. Kristen said

    MarcyLynn! Your pictures brighten my day. I love them all, and YOU! πŸ™‚

  9. Callie said

    i love your pictures! omg marcy! lookin hott, mama. you’re pretty fly for a white lady. i heart your bod. ❀ cals

  10. Marissa said

    ok, i definitely want her to do my pictures :]

    they’re amazing.


  11. Lori Beth said

    Love the pictures!!

  12. The sister said

    As you can see, Marcy’s friends agree that you captured her personality well! Awesome work. I’m jealous and wish I could do my senior pics all over again now πŸ™‚ Thank you!!


  13. sam said

    All so very gorgeous pictures! I am jealous! Marcy looks beautiful! Amazing job!!

  14. Laura said

    these are SO beautiful! the sister was right.
    marcy looks great and jamie, you are a wonderful photographer.

  15. Julie said

    wow, zebra wall…what a great way to add some spunk and attitude to a pic!

  16. Michael said

    Awesome pictures Marcy!

  17. Marcy, Wow!! You look gorgeous!! (especially your eyes!) I am so proud of you and excited about this time in your life.
    Laney Waney

  18. Ross said

    wow im really impressed by the pictures. great pictures Marcy. i like how they capture her personality. you do an amazing job jamie. all of them are great.

  19. DeAnn said

    Marcy, I love your pictures. It is so hard to believe that you are graduating. You are a blessing to know and to be around.

    Jamie, you did a great job capturing Marcy’s personality. Your pictures are amazing.

  20. colton said

    these pictures are beautiful marcy

  21. tammy said

    great pictures marcy

  22. sally said

    Jamie, thanks so much for taking marcy’s pictures. We are so pleased with them.

  23. Floyd said

    these are some great shots of marcy!!

  24. Matthew said

    these are great!

  25. Tracey said

    Jamie these shots are awesome. I love the new location, we will have to try it out with the boys!!!

  26. Becky Sherwood said

    beautiful pictures of a most beautiful young lady!!

  27. steve sherwood said

    This is the Marcy I have seen grow up!! What a beautiful lady.

  28. Judy said

    This girl is beutiful!!!!! Those eyes are amazing. She has always been adorable and witty but she is more beautiful today than yesterday inside and outside.

  29. Aunt Maxine said

    I love your pictures!

  30. Uncle Brent said

    What can I say…she’s my niece. Even so, just look at her! She’s gorgeous…in photos and person! I love this girl!

  31. Josh said

    Great pictures Marcy! You’ve look a lot different from the 7th grader who would come hopping in my office every Wednesday evening. I’m glad you’re still just as fun to hang around with though. These pictures really do show off your personality! These are really great senior pictures!

  32. Janice said

    This zebra wall is incredible! I love it! I like how spontaneous you are, Jamie. I need you to take pictures of my kids. These are great!

  33. Callie said

    Great Pictures! Fantastic photography!

  34. Hannah Woolverton said

    MARCY! you are soooooo beautiful!!! i love you!

  35. Melynda Hensley said

    OMG!!! stunning!! ‘nough said!!

  36. Michael Leavine said

    Marcy those are amazing pics you look beautiful

  37. Heather said

    WoW marcy, these pictures are better than AP english and being state champ combined!

  38. david said

    cool pics

  39. Brad said

    these are good

  40. Hooten said

    wow. can i date you?

  41. Cynthia said

    ooooh marcy! you are just toooo pretty!

  42. Audrey said

    wow newspaper class loves you πŸ™‚ look at all those comments!
    lookin gooooood.

  43. Melissa said

    I love your pictures! they’re adorable! you’re just gorgeous love ya!

  44. emily said

    aw marcy.. your sooo prettty! i loove these pictures alotalot πŸ™‚

  45. Samantha said

    What cute pictures, Marcy!!

  46. Deidre said

    Ohhh marcy all of your pictures look amazing! πŸ™‚

  47. Angela said

    I love the Napoleon Dynamite improv!

  48. Rachael said

    I adore these pictures. E

  49. Fay said

    these are amazing. i love them! so much! like oodles! like whoa!

  50. Harper said

    omg marcy! these look really good. she did a great job. you’re gorgeous!

  51. Blake said

    You are beautiful marcy.

  52. Steve said

    Great pictures of a great person. You look really pretty. I pray God richly blesses your future!

  53. Claudia Lyles said

    I love your pictures! Congratulations on your graduation!

  54. Will Lyles said

    your pictures are good!!

  55. Megan said

    Definetly Great pictures!

  56. Matt Lyles said

    i like them.they are funny.

  57. Bob White said

    Fantastic photography! They brought out Marcy’s personality!

  58. Janet White said

    Marcy you are so pretty! I love the pictures!

  59. Jess White said

    Cool pics.

  60. Jeni Hagle said

    Only thing that would make these better is if i was in them w you! jk…your beautiful!

  61. Dandy (grandpa) said

    Blue eyes. Just like me.

  62. Mayo said

    marcy i loved all the photos. you and colton would make great Abercrombie & Fitch models. lol

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