New Policy! I think its going to be a good one!

March 31, 2008

I am trigger happy as most of my clients know! I snap, snap, snap like rapid fire….especially with kids. I usually post all of the images from a session for my clients to see, but I have been hearing lately that it is really overwhelming and hard to order from 100-250+ pictures, and that it takes to long to go through your gallery. I am going to help you out! From now on I am only going to pick the best 35-50 pictures for your galleries. I think this will help you see the best ones and not get overwhelmed by trying to see the potential of what each finished product will look like. I will only put up the ones that will look great after editing. I am still going to take as many pictures as I want, but I will just really narrow them down for you! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this new plan.


3 Responses to “New Policy! I think its going to be a good one!”

  1. Crystal DelaHoz said

    I think this is a GREAT policy! I think it will be good for your business too.

  2. madisonrenaye said

    that’s fine with me! i will trust you =)

    will our pictures be up soon???


  3. Julie said

    That is totally what I struggle with too! On average per session I take between 500 (on a good day!) to 1,000 images, so I REALLY try not to show my clients more than 75 images, but when I have to narrow down from 1,000 to 75, it’s nearly impossible! So it’s just on a case by case system, though my goal is to only show 35!!! That just means I need to control my trigger finger and not shoot as much as I do so I’m able to narrow down in the editing room!!!

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