Heather and Madison

April 3, 2008

I love mother-daughter pictures! I think everyone should do these at least once a year (me included!).  I had so much fun with these two. I wish I could tap into Madison’s energy…she has plenty to go around! So here they are, the favorites…

I have been posting like crazy the last two days, so be sure to SCROLL DOWN to not miss the DelaHoz Family and Jared and Kayla’s engagement session. They were two really good sessions!










8 Responses to “Heather and Madison”

  1. Melanie Stichler said

    okay, we have to do these with me and Kylie! these are priceless!

  2. madisonrenaye said

    Jamie! These turned out great!!! Thank you sooooooo much! I am “spreading the word” =)


  3. Crystal DelaHoz said

    I love the mother/daughter one’s too. I really cherish the couple you have taken of us. Once a year is a great goal to have! I love these.

  4. Leah said

    Great job on these mother/daughter photos! The 2nd one is my favorite! What a cute bond they have!

  5. Julie said

    my cousin never told me that she was getting her pictures taken! she’s actually the one who referred me to you for me & my fiance’s upcoming photo shoot! they all turned out great!

  6. I am in love with the 2nd to last shot. The sun flare, texture, and sweetness of the moment made it perfect!

  7. Sam said

    Jamie these turned out so well. Makes me want to have a daughter so you can take our pictures. haha

  8. Cindy Wibberg said

    Beautiful mother/daughter pictures. I love what you have chosen for the blog………They are some of my favorites. You do a wonderful job with your profession………….

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