Jared and Kayla

April 3, 2008

I have known Jared for years and years now! I can’t believe he is getting married, although it is about time with Kayla. These two have been together for something like 5 years…crazy! We just drove all over the country. I would tell them I want an old tractor and they would take me to one or I want to shoot some big round hay bails and off we go. I have to say it was kind of nice just being along for the ride. Here are a few that I really liked…

Make sure you scroll down to see the DelaHoz family post just before this one!




an old photograph (sort of)…






9 Responses to “Jared and Kayla”

  1. Melanie Stichler said

    LOVE the the pic with the bale of hay!!! congrats to the couple! Great job Jamie!

  2. madisonrenaye said

    i love these! and the boots!!!


  3. Cathy said

    JAmie these are incredible. What a gorgeous couple.

  4. kayla said

    YOU did good. I cant wait to do my bridal pics. We will have so much fun!!

  5. michelle said

    these are great love them! cant wait ti see the bridal pics.

  6. Julie said

    the hay bail and railroad scenes are so cute!

  7. marsha said

    I love the one of the “old” photograph it is incredible… love all the new textures you are adding. Great!

  8. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Love the last one!!!

  9. Sam said

    I love the textured one. These are so cute, great job.

    P.S. I want those boots!

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