The DelaHoz Family

April 3, 2008

I took pictures of this baby last October when I was in Dallas for the Lunsford wedding. Some of you might recognize her cute little face! This time they came to Conroe and we got to do the whole family. They are such a beautiful family I could have blogged tons of pictures from their session…I just loved them all!

I wish I had a picture just like this one of Andee and I…


her little foot could not be more perfect to show off her personality!


nothing beats a little girl having a great daddy (I know from experience!)




She was sad because she just wanted me to hold her (how funny is that!…she loved me)…




119 Responses to “The DelaHoz Family”

  1. Crystal DelaHoz said

    How you pulled this off is beyond me! I left Conroe thinking if you got ONE good family photo I could frame I would be so happy. You are simply amazing. I really wish I lived in Conroe so you could teach me your tricks 🙂

  2. WOW, Jamie! You really are fantastic. I am trying to think of an excuse to have you come shoot my entire family (hubby, parents, sibs, cats!). Maybe I don’t need an excuse at all… Keep up the GREAT work sister, it’s beautiful.

  3. Adrienne said

    Hi, I’m a friend of Crystal’s who occasionally stops by to admire your work! Great job capturing the DelaHoz family!!

  4. Lindsey James said

    Wow, you guys could be in a magazine! Mia Grace is absolutely gorgeous. What a precious gift this photos are! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Monique said


    You are truly talented! I am Crystal’s aunt in Georgia and I love looking at pictures you have taken of them, it makes the distance between us seem a little less far!

  6. Jaime Lee said

    What a beautiful family!

  7. Sarah said

    These pictures are beautiful! You did an amazing job!!

  8. JoAnn Maddux said

    Wow! what beautiful pics. with beautiful people, of course I can say that, I am the great grandmother of Mia. Your photography is super nice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Geof said

    Great job, Jamie. Incredible pics. I love the Delahozeseseses!

  10. Aunt Sheri said

    I love how you capture the personality of the people you shot. The photos of Mia make me laugh because they are so much of who she is.

  11. Kelsie said

    Mia Grace is so beautiful. These are precious shots. Awesome job Jaime!

  12. Christine Fowler said

    Beautiful family! Awesome pictures!

  13. Crystal DelaHoz said

    You can understand how many admirers we have of little Miss Mia Grace. I got to see how Andee Grace is a little super star in Conroe. You should have excluded me from the competition because we have SO many people that always want to see photos of her.
    I really love the textures you used. I didn’t realize we were swinging her SO high, lol. How funny is the picture of her rubbing her eyes. She really wanted you! How hysterical. Can’t wait until we get to see you guys again. It was so fun. I can’t imagine what Andee’s new tricks will be. Maybe she will be out of that shy phase … 😉

  14. Julie Bergquist said

    So beautiful. The DelaHoz family is gorgeous as usual!

  15. Julie said

    aww…i love the scene with the sleepy little girl!

  16. Sheila (Gramme) said

    Favorite Family! Favorite Photographer!

    I am Crystal’s mom that you took pictures of with little Miss Mia Grace back in October. And I have to say that even though I am not camera friendly at all, you were able to capture the best pictures I have ever taken. I will treasure these forever. Thank You.

  17. Mike DelaHoz said

    That is probably the most beautiful family I have seen in my entire life!! Seriously, beautiful wife, beautiful daughter and excellent photos.


  18. David Delahoz said

    Awesome photos. I am wondering how long her “Wedding Video” will be given the number of cute photos I have seen in 18 months.

  19. Jill Pyland said

    Awesome Pictures! You all look precious!!!

  20. Tanya Delahoz said

    Great pictures!

  21. Tanya Delahoz said

    Beautiful photos. I love the last one.

  22. Aunt Sheri said

    I enjoy looking at all the pics you take. You are very talented.

  23. Christa said

    WOW! What a beautiful family! I am not the one of the members(mike!), but you all are truly a good looking group.

  24. Amber said

    These pictures of the DelaHoz family are stunning. Beautiful family, great job Jamie!

  25. Jaime Lee said

    These are amazing photographs!

  26. Jaime Lee said

    These make me miss little Mia Grace so much!!!!

  27. Jaime Lee said

    She’s growing up so fast!

  28. Mica said

    Love these pics of Mia – she’s a perfect model! And, WE LOVE THE DELAHOZ FAM!

  29. Loree Talley said

    I can’t get over how beautiful all the pics are. Everyone turned out great.

    A. Loree

  30. Loree Talley said

    I had to look at them again. I loved every last one of them. How do you do it. Way to go.

  31. Loree Talley said

    Jamie, you have a great eye for things. I have looked at all of you blog and have enjoyed every one of them. I hope that you get to shot our family one day.

  32. Jaime Lee said

    I love Mia Grace!

  33. Judy and Ross Puskar said

    This is truly the All American family… beautiful people with solid values and competitive spirit.

  34. Aunt Helen Harris said

    Those were beatiful. What a wonderful family.

  35. Crystal DelaHoz said

    I am literally laughing out loud at the number of comments on here. I have the best friends and family! Too bad you dont live in Dallas or Fort Worth or you’d be booked solid.

  36. Grandpa said

    Good Pictures

  37. Adrienne said

    Great pictures!

  38. Denise Jones said

    I know Mia Grace’s grandmother, Shirley dela Hoz, here at Birdville and have been enjoying watching Little Miss Mia grow up. What a joyful little girl! You really captured her shining personality and I’ve been admiring all your other work. This is one photogenic family! Keep up the good work and I’ll continue to admire the beautiful photos.

  39. Jena said

    best looking family by far!

  40. Kacy Franklin said

    Those pictures are absolutely perfect!!! Beautiful parents and a beautiful little girl!! I love them!!

  41. Steve Redmon said

    Nice work everyone looks great!

  42. Ashtyn & Emilee Talley said

    I loved them. What a wonderful family. Emilee loves Mia Grace (she is her best friend), I kinda love her also.

  43. Ashtyn & Emilee Talley said

    I love that smile, Mia Grace

  44. Aunt Helen Harris said

    I love looking at the pics of Mia Grace.
    Good job.

  45. Ashtyn & Emilee Talley said

    Great photos.

  46. Ashtyn & Emilee Talley said

    All the locations were so cool.

  47. Shirley delaHoz said

    Your photos are amazing. Thank you so much for capturing these memories for our family. I love my beautiful family so much and you have truly captured their outer and inner beauty in these photos!

  48. Jamie said

    Mia Grace is so precious, she is truly a gift from God! What great family pics!

  49. Aunt Helen Harris said

    What a lovely family.
    Jamie you have a good eye.

  50. jennifer barrett said

    The pictures are AMAZING!!!! Of course the DelaHoz fam is so beautiful it would be hard to get a bad shot…. 🙂

  51. grandpapa d said

    Outstanding photos, very professional qualities and excellent models
    I enjoyed looking at them

  52. Bazie Pryor said

    Oh my gosh, how’s she’s grown. What a beautiful family.

  53. Judy and Ross Puskar said

    beautiful family!

  54. Will otto said

    what a cute girl. This family looks like this was a really fun weekend. Ifeel like I was part of it

  55. Jaime Lee said

    This is the most beautiful family on this page by far!

  56. mihee said

    these are beautiful pictures! i love the delahoz family.

  57. What a beautiful family! Mia Grace is the cutest baby in the entire WORLD!

  58. luciana said


  59. ana said

    You are an amazing photograper! Beautiful fam!

  60. harold said

    You are so awesome! Thats the cutest lil girl ever! Well besides jenns madi. haha… 😉

  61. kassidy said

    Wonderful job!!!

  62. paige said

    wow!!! you are awesome! what beautiful pictures!

  63. mailyn said

    all of the pictures are so beautiful! mis is georgous!!!!

  64. raul said

    great job!

  65. amy said

    they are so awesome! definitely the best!!

  66. Megan Galloway said

    You all are beautiful! I love the one of Mia against the brick wall…she looks like a little grown up!

  67. Brittany said

    These Pictures are gorgeous, yall are such a cute family =)

  68. Courtney Coker said

    Awesome pictures of little Mia. How could you not get a cute picture of her?? Great job!

  69. April Grimes said

    They are quite possibly the cutest family in the world! Great work!

  70. Meredith Snively said

    The MOST beautiful family I have ever seen…

  71. Crystal DelaHoz said

    The competition has gotten stiff. I guess we need to step it up, lol!

  72. Megan Sanderson said

    I absolutly love this family!!
    miss yall

  73. Natalie Stephens said

    These pictures are wonderful, such a beautiful family!!!

  74. Nelson Windebank said

    The picture with Mike and Crystal in the background and Mia in the foreground is a great picture of the m.

  75. Ennairda Smith said

    I absolutely love these pictures. You did a wonderful job. My favorite one is the black and white one of Mia. She’s so cute!

  76. Loree Talley said

    I can’t say enough about the pics, way to go.

  77. JoAnn Maddux said

    Beautiful family. I love all of them.

  78. Kelsie Fuller said

    I love the one with Mia up against the wall. She looks like a little model!!

  79. Matt Shabay said

    The next to last portrait relies heavily on contrasting colors amid a raw and undefined backdrop… I think the photographer did a wonderful job showing not only the child’s natural beauty, but captures the parents love and admiration at the same time… Beautifully done!

  80. Disher said

    Wow Mia has grown! I hope to see y’all this summer. Take care.

  81. Melissa said

    Beautiful people…beautiful pictures!!!

  82. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Claire said

    that 5th photo is quite the shot… beautiful baby, next top model-style!

  84. Jill Callaway said

    Mia is soooo adorable! These pictures are amazing, I really wish I could do this kind of stuff. oh and Crystal, good luck picking just one to frame.

  85. Mike DelaHoz said

    Seriously, how could this family not win?

  86. Conrad Staton said

    Incredible pictures. Jamie Kutter does an incredible job of capturing the greatness of this family… and how much of a goofy weirdo Mike is.

  87. Kristina said

    seriously this family should really win..
    your crazy if they dont!!!

  88. These pictures are AMAZING! The last one is my favorite. You guys are so freakin CUTE!

  89. jake s said

    i love the one with mia on the wall cutest baby picture ever

  90. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Matt Shabay’s comment should win just for shear genius! This is so fun. Thanks to everyone who has voted.

  91. Jeaneen T said

    The best fam. No competition here.

  92. Tara Otto said

    You guys are so adorable! I love the pics!

  93. Ashley Day said

    I am insanely jealous of your skills. These pictures are FLAWLESS. It probably helps that the family is absolutely gorgeous. Great job.

  94. John Twomey said

    Amazing family without a doubt

  95. Troy Clifton said

    AWESOME Pics!! I just love your family and those pics are just amazing and really bring out the happiness we all know you have with one another.

  96. David Lisenby said

    I agree with Mike. I don’t see how his family couldn’t win!

  97. Domonica van Graan said

    What a gorgeous family. One of these days we will have to come visit the great state of Texas and meet Mia Grace in person! Until then we have beautiful photos to admire her in. Love um’…

  98. Brent Burke said

    The pictures look awesome guys! You guys look beautiful in all of them!

  99. Adran Brown said

    Yall are a beatifully happy family!!! Deffinately a winner!!!

  100. Adran Brown said

    Yall are a beautifully happy family!!! Deffinately a winner!!

  101. Sam Chapman said

    Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful family!

  102. Christi said

    Great pics. Mia Grace is getting so big and she is SO cute!

  103. Lisa Ismert said

    These are breathtaking! This fam could not be any better looking!!!

  104. Angela Wicker said

    What a beautiful family-inside and out!!!

  105. Benji said

    Awesome pictures! Love you guys, Benji

  106. Candy said

    These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Dance said

    I love you Mia Grace! Can’t wait to see you soon!!
    ~Dance Nomi

  108. Johnny said

    Great pictures DelaHoz family!

  109. David said

    These are awesome!

  110. Emily Wahkahquah said

    Thank you for the comment, that was very nice. Your family is georgous and your sweet girl is beautiful….I can see why you have such big smiles on your faces!

  111. JoAnn Maddux said

    Love all the pictures!!

  112. Aimee Gregor said

    You guys are so beautiful! Mia Grace is getting so big!!

  113. Amy said

    Beautiful family and amazing pictures.

  114. Sarah Dean said

    These pics are awesome!

  115. Julie said


  116. cousin cade said

    I love the pictures. I always wanted to be a photographer. Pictures are memories that are captered forever. Hope u win! Lets go DelaHoes!

  117. Sean said

    Nice pictures, enjoyed looking at them. Good luck DelaHoz family.

  118. Rachel said

    These are unbelievable photos! Mia Grace is beautiful! I want to see pictures of Mia and Cora together. Best friends for life. He, He!

  119. jordan said

    great pictures! all of them! go delahoz fam!

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