The Wahkahquahs!

April 15, 2008

I love this sweet little family! I took some family photos for them last year before Christmas. The twins have grown so much and this time they were running around everywhere. They are the happiest babies I have ever met!





173 Responses to “The Wahkahquahs!”

  1. Mary said

    Love the pictures – what a precious family!!

  2. Heather Swift said

    How absolutely adorable!!!!

  3. Nicole Merrill (McCormack) said

    Wow! What a great tribute! You’re babies are beautiful, Emily. What a blessing. Hope we’ll get to see each other again soon.

  4. Leslie GIbson said

    Those are absolutely beautiful pictures! You really captured the family and the twins at their best!

  5. Emily said

    Those munchkins are getting so big and are absoloutely adorable! Too cute and what great family pictures!

  6. Robyn said

    I LOVE those pig-tails!!! Super-sonic cute!!!

  7. Michelle said

    The first pic is priceless. Amazed you got two toddlers to look the same direction and smile!

  8. Chris said

    They are so cute. That one with Josh and Syd is great. I also love the pig tails!

  9. Laura said

    Those pictures are fantastic!!! The babies are adorable!

  10. Emily Leidner said

    They are the happiest and cutest babies ever! What a gorgeous family and such beautiful pictures! Love you guys and miss you tons!!

  11. Dub said

    Sydney and Jackson are so cute!!

  12. Stacy said

    Great pictures!! Everyone looks so happy and the kids have the cutest smiles!!

  13. Simmons said

    These pics are wonderful!! I love the black & whites!!

  14. Randy D. said

    Man oh man, how these babies have grown! Glad to see all the smiles! Great photos. Take care you guys!

  15. Paula Gamber said

    Super Cute Pics!!

  16. Kim said

    OMG…time has gotten away! How do they grow so fast??? You guys make the most beautiful family! All the pictures are fantastic but the picture of Jackson looking over his shoulder is so precious! More…more…more…

  17. Lisa said

    Love the Wahkahquah’s kids; they could not be any cuter!

  18. Roxana said

    These pictures are ADORABLE! Those are honestly the cutest kids ever!!!!

  19. Beth said

    What a sweet family! The twins are adorable. I love the little girl’s pigtails!

  20. Silvio said

    What a great looking and wonderful family! The twins are adorables, and their smiles are sooo precious!!

  21. Mandy said

    Cute Family!

  22. Karli said

    I have to say that I have the cutest niece and nephew! Awesome pics!

  23. Beth Ann said

    Oh, my gosh! OH, MY GOSH!!!! Em, you were cute (still are) but this is DOUBLE cute! This is SahWEET baby cheeks cute! Are they always this bubbly or is the photographer a magician?

  24. Luisa said

    What a beautiful family!! Very cute babies!

  25. Marisela Hudgeons said

    Great pictures, great family, adorable babies.
    Priceless memories forever, double pleasure and joy.

  26. Aunt Jenny said

    I love all of the pictures they are all wonderful. What a beautiful niece and handsome nephew!!!!! It is hard to pick a favorite but I think I will have to go with the two black and white ones with Syd…you can really see those pig tails! And the one of Mr. Jack standing there…his hair had gotten so long…I miss you all and love you all!

  27. Aunt Jenny said

    OK an I really really like the first one too!!!

  28. Dario Sosa said

    Love all the pictures, but specially the third and fourth, you managed to capture the care free and innocent smile. Such lucky parents can’t never be sad with those angels beside them!!!!

  29. Holly said

    Great picts! I love the black & whites.
    The twins are adorable.

  30. Ashley said

    Love, love, love that the kids are barefoot! There is nothing cuter!

  31. Oscar said

    Wow!! They’re all beautiful pictures, but the first has to be my favorite!

  32. Beautiful pictures, I loved looking at them all. Your little ones in black and white are just priceless!!!

  33. jennifer hall said

    they are so cute! what great pictures!

  34. Danae said

    Emily – You are truly blessed and your children are beautiful. Love the pictures and I’m sure you will treasure them forever.

  35. Natalie said

    Great pictures! What a happy family!!!

  36. Todd said

    What great pictures! That’s such a fun age!

  37. Ava said

    I want you guys to come play with me!

  38. Sarah said

    How stinkin cute!! Great pictures!

  39. Maggie Best said

    The one of both on the bench is great of both! The one of Josh and Sydney is exceptional and the individual one of her could absolutely be Emily. The individual one of Jackson makes him look like such a big boy!

    I think I would love these even if they weren’t my grandbabies!

  40. Angee Lengua said

    Those are the cutest pictures i have ever seen. You guys look so happy!! You have a beautiful family!

  41. Laura Gee said

    Beautiful pictures! I also love the pig-tails!

  42. Josh said

    These pictures are wonderful.

  43. adilia said

    I love the picture. It seems they are a bless family. Tthe twins are so cute.

  44. Debbie Gunion said

    Oh my gosh! Love all the photos – the whole family shots are great!

  45. Kari said

    Such cuties!!! Karli is a lucky girl to have such cute relatives!! Those are some awesome pictures!

  46. carlos said

    Wow,those are the most happy family i ever see.congratulations,the twins are adorable.

  47. Thomas said

    Great pictures. The kids are adorable.

  48. charlene said

    How adorable!!! =)

  49. Karla said

    How cute!

  50. John W. said

    Those are great shots!!!!!

  51. Hagar said

    These pictures couldn’t be more perfect.

  52. Sean said

    What an absolutely perfect family!

  53. Ericka said

    These twins are too cute!

  54. Erick said

    What a beautiful family.

  55. Karla said

    Very cute!

  56. Kathy Mullinax said

    Oh my, what beautiful pictures, Jackson & Sydney are so precious!!! You can see how much love is in your family and what a good Father & Mother, you both are!!! Jackson looks just like Josh when he was little & Sydney looks like Emily. They both looks so happy!! Brings back alot of good memories. You all always have a place in my heart!!!

  57. Genese (Aunt Karli's Friend) said

    Cutest kiddos ever =) Aunt Karli must be very proud….

  58. Genny Mosman said

    The pictures are beautiful, what an adorable little family! I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing

  59. shawna said

    these are the sweetest babies ever! Great pics!

  60. Norman Gomez said

    Beautiful pictures of the twins. I am a twin myself and wish I had memories of my childhood like these pictures. PRICELESS!!


  61. Lindsay said

    Emily, these are beautiful! Look at all those smiles! jamie kutter is the best…

  62. Kerri said

    What a beautiful family. The twins have grown so much since the last pictures I saw. They are both so adorable. Josh and Emily, you must be so proud.

  63. Kari D said

    All of those pictures are just so adorable!!! I love them all! Can’t wait to get to spend some quality time with The Wahkahquah family this summer! Love and miss you all!

  64. TIFFANY said

    I loove the pics..The babies are beautiful! You guys could be on a commercial. 🙂 Nice job Jamie!

  65. Dana said

    Precious, just precious!!! Love the pics.

  66. Josh W. said

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  67. Matt said

    Happy kids, great photos!

  68. Saioa Sevillano said

    Great pictures! The kids are adorable.

  69. Crystal DelaHoz said

    In the spirit of competition I thought I would comment about how great these photos are. Jamie, you really are so so good! I really love the last two. There is just something about capturing those moments between mommy and daddy and kiddos.

  70. Jessica said

    What a beautiful family! The twins are adorable.

  71. Amy Carr said

    These pics are great!! I can’t believe how fast Sydney & Jackson are growing!! You’ve captured some beautiful memories! Miss you all!!

  72. Marlyn Riveras said

    I love the twins

  73. Karli said

    Everyone comments on the kiddos! They are so cute! How about their mom and dad? Not to shabby themselves eh?!

  74. Becky said

    These pictures are adorable!

  75. Ralph Best said

    Great Pics! Love the happy blue bonnets!

  76. Frank Best said

    What wonderful pictures of my sweet Great Grandbabies! Nice Job!

  77. Jillian Blakemore said

    The pictures are beautiful – The kids are so cute and they are a beautiful family – I wish you could take pictures in oklahoma

  78. Marti Bland said

    I love baby feet and the babies without shoes are so sweet! The black and white photos are the best!

  79. Ralph Best said

    Great pics. These two kids are the cutest ever.

  80. Richard O. said

    Those are some great pictures. You have a beautiful family.

  81. Jessica Helms said

    The babies have gotten so big. The pictures are absolutely adorable. They definitely put a smile on my face! 🙂

  82. Timothy Helms said

    Awesome pictures!

  83. Jessica Helms said

    The babies have gotten so big. The pictures are absolutely adorable! They definitely put a smile on my face. 🙂

  84. Andrea said

    What precious babies! I can’t believe how grown up they look. Emily, you look fabulous as well! Glad to see you all so healthy and happy.

  85. Laurie said

    Aww, those are so precious!! I miss you all!

  86. Marlyn said

    Nice family pictures, and the twins are the cutest ever.

  87. Josh Parker said

    Love the pics!

  88. Angela said

    What a beautiful family. You all look so happy!

  89. Silvio said

    Cutest babies ever!!!! These two need to be models I love them so much they have grown so fast.

  90. Adolfo said

    Beatiful family, and great looking kids.

  91. Alberto said

    I am a twin my self, two brothers, but Jackson and Sidney are sooo beautiful!!!!!

  92. I love all the pictures, specially Jackson looking over his shoulder. Great looking kids!!!!

  93. Carlos, Jr said

    Thank you for sharing with us. They are a beatiful family. Sidney is a princess!!!!!

  94. Edith said

    What a great family. These are beautiful pictures, and the photographer caption so many wonderful details. Maravilloso!!!!!!

  95. Emily Wahkahquah said

    Well, this is my family so I think I should comment!!! My family is my life and my babies are growing up so fast….I am so thankful for Jamie and all of the moments she has captured for us to keep forever!

  96. Marion said

    Good Job. Love Sidney pigtails and Jackson is so handsome 😉

  97. Fabiola said

    Great photographer, great pics, thank you for sharing.

  98. Nelly said

    This family is absolutley beautiful!!

  99. Nikki said

    Great pictures! Love the kids!!

  100. Steve said

    The pictures are amazing!! I love the family ones on the bench!

  101. Kent said

    WOW! These pictures are great!!

  102. Josh said

    WOW! What a photogenic family!

  103. Liz said

    Very good at capturing the moment! I LOVE THE PICTURES!!

  104. Bart said

    Wonderful pictures!

  105. Sara Nothhelfer said

    Goodness!!!! This family is adorable! I love the father daughter picture!

  106. Sonia said

    Great pictures!! I just can’t get over those pigtails!! =) Sydney and Jackson are absolutely adorable!

  107. Danielle Holtz said

    What beautiful pictures. I would love for this photographer to take pictures for me!!!!! These are definitely KEEPERS!!!!!

  108. Isabel said

    The babies are adorable, such good photos.

  109. Nancy said

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! They’re adorable!

  110. Lanette Earnest said

    Great pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  111. Emily said

    Beautiful pictures!!

  112. Melissa Oakley said

    What great photos of precious little children!!!

  113. Kathy said

    These pictures are great! Your kiddos are too cute!

  114. Maria del Carmen said

    Sweet pictures, Sydney’s smile is contagious and Jackson is so cute!

  115. Cole said

    They are adorable can’t wait for them to meet Hayes.

  116. Adriana said

    Love the pictures. Your babies are adorable 🙂

  117. Sergio said

    Cute kids!

  118. Diana said

    Que lindo los jemelos!!!

  119. Enrique Avalos said

    What beautiful pictures you captured these babies at there best!!! Great job!!!

  120. Jose Mendez said

    Que familia mas bonita!!!

  121. Fatima said

    The twins are adorable love the pigtails!!!

  122. Giovanni said

    Congradulations Josh on the beautiful family love the pics!!!

  123. Calero said

    Que bonito salieron las fotos.

  124. Gloria said

    Beautiful twins Luisa you are so lucky that you get to spend your day with these beautiful babies. They are getting so big!

  125. Hayward said

    Que tuani los twins!!

  126. Lucy said

    Love the first pic I can’t believe they stayed still long enough for you to take it.

  127. Miguel said

    These babies are so cute what a beautiful family!!

  128. Noemy said

    Luisa los jemelos estan bellos!!!

  129. Charles said

    Such precious babies, thanks for the pictures…

  130. Crystal said

    The twins are a JOY to be around & these photos have captured them perfectly.

  131. Tia Chilo said

    Wow those are adorable kids!

  132. Crystal said


  133. MsVerino said

    Beautiful Family Photos! all of em’ ;D

  134. Crystal said

    just makes yah wanna SMILE looking at these great pics

  135. Chris said

    Their smiles are priceless.

  136. Norma said

    They are so cute.

  137. Liz said

    How cute! – I love all of the pics.

  138. MsMendoza said

    All I see are cute smiles.

  139. Patricia said

    The twins have gotten so big, they look just like their parents.

  140. Judith said

    I love the one of Sydney with her daddy, she sure adores him!

  141. Hayward said

    The babies are adorable love the pics!!!

  142. Carlos Sr. said

    These are some really good pictures of the twins. They came out amazing.

  143. Cesar Melendez said

    Great pics!!

  144. Cesar Aguirre said

    What beautiful babies love the pictures they came out great!

  145. Claudia said

    Wow!! Great pictures the twins are so big!!

  146. Daniel Lopez said

    I love the picture with father and daughter enjoy the moment becuase they grow so fast.

  147. Castil Blanco said

    Que bello que estan los bebes!!1

  148. Frank said

    These babies are so cute!

  149. Francisco said

    What a beautiful family makes me want to go and take some new family pics now.

  150. Genesis said

    Cute pics the twins look great in the first pic.

  151. Giancarlo said

    Im loving the picture with the pigtails she is so cute.

  152. Carranza said

    Los jemelos estan lindos!!

  153. Ines Alejandra said

    Oh my gosh these babies are soooooooo cute!!!! :o)

  154. Javier said

    Just have one word BEAUTIFUL!

  155. Jazmina said

    Great pictures these are some of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Future models for sure.

  156. Jorge B. said

    Sydney looks so cute in those pigtails, she has such a beautiful smile.

  157. Jose Ramon said

    These babies have the most beautiful eyes and smile.

  158. Marby said

    Oh my god they grew up so fast. I remeber when all they did was sleep now look at them running around and smiling so much!!!

  159. Juan said

    Wow!! que lindo que estan estos bebes

  160. Julio O. said

    The little boy is gonna be a lady killer when he gets older he is so handsome.

  161. Leonel said

    Great pictures of a great family.

  162. Lorena said

    Oh my that little boy is so handsome and the girl is adorable!! Can’t wait to see them!!

  163. Maria-Lourdes said

    Sydney and Jackson are the most energetic babies I have met. These two sure love to dance, especially Jackson he is so cute.

  164. Mario said

    What a lovely family!!!

  165. Mauricio said

    These two are so much fun to be around they maybe little but they have huge personality’s. Love you guys!!!

  166. Oscar Pena said

    Wow last time I saw these two they had just been born. I can’t believe how big they are now. Really great pictures, good job Jamie!!

    El Chele

  167. Pedro said

    Love the family pictures congradulations you two on such a beautiful family

  168. Ricardo said

    Que bonito esto jemelito’s

  169. Rigoberto said

    Great pictures of some adorable babies

  170. Roberto said

    I love these pictures Sydney and Jackson are so photogenic can’t wait to see more pictures.

  171. Tito said

    Que grande que estan los jemelos!

  172. Zaida Patricia said

    Great pictures these two are adorable.

  173. Tom said

    I think I had a plumbing class with this guy at Norman Vo-Tech. Go Josh, nice family.

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