April 16, 2008

This is Miss Emily. She has grown quite a bit from our first session (I included a picture so you could see her then). We had to shoot this session in two rounds. The first time we were at her house and I think she thought her mom was going to leave her with me. She wasn’t very happy about that! The next time her dad came along and we got some great smiles out of her right off the bat! I loved the dress…it was precious!

This was Emily as a newborn…

and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter…

The birds in the tree above us got her attention and we couldn’t get her to look away from them for the longest time (it was really funny)…



8 Responses to “Emily”

  1. Kat Villarreal said

    Jamie, I love them! I don’t know how you did it! You make it look easy…and we both know it wasn’t!! Thanks so much!

  2. Catey Allen said

    These are beautiful pictures!!! Wow!!

  3. They turned out adorable ! I can’t wait to get mine done when my little girl is born ! I’m glad Kat told me about you. Good job !

  4. Robyn said

    I LOVE THAT BOW!!! A girl can’t have too much tulle :o)

  5. Tracey said

    These pictures are so cute. Jamie you always do such an amazing job!!! I think I have found Owen’s future wife:)

  6. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Mia Grace has had this dress. I love these! Way too cute!

  7. Cathy said

    Jamie what a doll!! I love her little dress. So sweet.

  8. Sam said

    I love the picture where she is watching the birds. She is such a cutie. Love the big bow.

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