April 17, 2008

I had the pleasure of taking Julia’s senior pictures right before my vacation! Last year I shot her sister Helen’s senior photos and this year was her turn. This family has some really beautiful girls! We had lots on the agenda when we started her senior portraits….lots of places to go and outfits to use. We really had so much fun. We completely ran out of daylight at the end and her mom did a great job with my light reflector towards the end of the shoot when I really needed it! I loved so many of her pictures I had the hardest time picking which ones to post.

So let me tell you a few things about her… 1. she is “make you jealous” pretty

2. she likes to laugh

3. she has a sweet car!

4. she stops to smell the flowers 🙂


 and 5. she has a slight shoe obsession!


5 Responses to “Julia”

  1. Julie said

    love the shoe idea! she kinda reminds me of taylor swift in a way…dunno why lol.

  2. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Love these! I love the first one and last one. Fun Blog, Jamie!

  3. Sam said

    Love the shoe idea, and I so want that car! haha

  4. marsha said

    She is beautiful and I spotted the Jessica Simpson shoes I want in that last photo!!! They really are calling my name…

  5. Jillienne said

    i know this girl… i didnt know you did… and her pictures turned out amazing!!! i love the first picture… she looks like a model

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