Julie, Sam, and Lauren

April 20, 2008

I met up with these three earlier in the week for their session.  Julie and Sam have a great connection and I loved capturing a few moments between them. The session was mostly about getting pictures of them, but we had to get some with Lauren too!  Lauren is such a little bundle of energy, she is so fun! My friend, Clark, told me about a new fountain in the Woodlands. So it was really my first time to venture over to the waterway area for a session. We got some really cute ones there. Afterwards we went to get ice cream (I am now Lauren’s favorite person for suggesting this!). Take a look….

a few shots in the full sun, I really had fun with these. Although I am completely terrified of snakes and we were in a big empty field. The grass that was a little to high for my liking! I did a few in a field like this with Jen and Eric too. I can’t wait to show you round 2 of their engagement pictures!

Then for some ice cream…


10 Responses to “Julie, Sam, and Lauren”

  1. Julie said

    awww…the pics are so cute! of course, I’m a little biased! lol

  2. Sam said

    those are so good jamie! i love the one of lauren eating her ice cream.

  3. Jean Dunlap said

    The pictures are great. You did a wonderful job, of course you had the best subjects to work with but that goes without saying.

  4. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Love love the full sun ones. Way to go!

  5. Jennifer Rodriguez said

    Great pictures! You did such an awesome job of catching them as a family.

  6. Cindy Wibberg said

    Great pictures! The 3 of you make a sweet family. I do like the first pic. and the one of Lauren eating ice cream………….

  7. Heather said

    cute, cute!!!

  8. Beth said

    I love the pictures by the waterway! It’s such a beautiful area… The sun shots are great too. You should do more of those!

  9. Crystal DelaHoz said

    I think my fav is the one in the tunnel now. I do like the full sun though … dont know how you do it?!

  10. Jillienne said

    i love the picture in the tunnel… i want to take one there!!!

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