April 29, 2008

Another Willis senior! Lauren is so cute and I had so much fun with her and her mom. We went all over for her shoot. We did some in downtown, then we headed to the country for something different. She is headed to Aggieland next year. I know she is going to love it! Here are a few from her session…



6 Responses to “Lauren”

  1. Holli Conley said

    Lauren is so cute! These pics are great! I want get my pic taken now!

  2. Kelly said

    Lauren looks absolutely beautiful. Model quality! I am so proud of her. Cheers to the photographer! They are great pictures.

  3. kayla said

    I love the hay idea!!!! Where did you get it! LOL

  4. Sam said

    I love the hay! That’s so cute. Great job Jamie.

  5. Crystal DelaHoz said

    #3,#4, and #7 are my favs! You do amazing work! Love it.

  6. These are spunky and fun!

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