Andee’s new room

May 22, 2008

Andee turned two in April and it was time for a “big girl” bed! (I still need to blog a few of her very fun b-day party pics)…Her “baby” room just didn’t match her crazy, out-going personality, so of course getting a big girl bed meant her mom had an excuse to paint, change the chandelier to a new fun and funky one, and pretty much get all new furniture for her…yes, I’m guilty! the result matches my baby much better now…

First a couple of her “baby” room…

(my lens wasn’t dirty for the next one, her chandelier just made weird shadows on the walls)

and here it is, the new “big girl” room…

my favorite find (thanks to tiffany and her mom-in-law!)…

this picture is a 24X36 on her wall (it’s my favorite!)…


8 Responses to “Andee’s new room”

  1. Heather said

    OMGSH!!!!! that’s all i have to say!!! this is awesome! I can’t wait to come “pick up my pictures” and see the house =)

  2. Robyn said

    That room is TOTALLY Andee…you did a great job!!

  3. Cathy said

    OH MY GOSH!!! can I come live in Andee’s room! Adorable Jamie. You are so creative. I have to say that chandalier is awesome!!

    I am looking for Layne an iron bed to. She is wanting pink and black.. ACK!! really big girl.

  4. jamiekutter said

    Ikea, Cathy! They have lots of iron things!

  5. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Love it love it! Mia Grace and Andee’s baby room are similar. I totally get the “doesn’t fit the personality thing!”

    It’s so chic. I love it.

  6. Sam said

    I love that chandelier! Her room is so gorgeous, I’m jealous. 🙂

  7. lacey said

    wow – love the new room. what did andee think? i remember when we changed lauryl’s around 2-3 years old…she was so amazed. 🙂

  8. smithgirls said

    Soooo stinkin’ cute!!!!! I LOVE IT! I can’t even believe how cute it turned out.

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