Chris and Julie

May 22, 2008

 These are good friends of ours and now they are officially married! I am just now getting their engagement pictures posted and I already need to post some of their wedding. I shot their wedding on Monday night. It was a beautiful ceremony in a park in the Woodlands. More on that later…first here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session more than a month ago! Gheez, I’m behind…

Some creativity from love affair…

Julie’s son (and now Chris’ too) was sitting on my lap for the next one. I gave him the camera to snap a picture! I think he was pretty daring with the composition, but it definitely works. So here is Bennett’s masterpiece…

and the little photographer himself…

I love this one of the three of them swinging. You should have seen me on the ground underneath them trying to get this shot!

KEEP SCROLLING DOWN…I have been a blogging fool lately! Pictures from Jen and Eric’s wedding, Brady, and even Andee’s new room.




One Response to “Chris and Julie”

  1. Sam said

    Jamie, these are amazing! I love the swing one. Great job!

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