The adventures of Kyle and Steph

May 28, 2008

This is my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Last Thursday they celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary. We had to do something to mark this point in their lives. There is no better way than acting a little crazy at a laundry mat! Still very in love…


12 Responses to “The adventures of Kyle and Steph”

  1. Alisha said

    OMG! I LOVE IT!! That was such a fabulous idea for the two of them!

  2. Kyle & Steph said

    yeah! they look so fun:) The colors turned out great too. Thank you so much for taking these for us…. you can use us anytime for any new ideas that come across your thoughts! We need to order some of these!

  3. Robyn said

    What an awesome idea!! They are such a beautiful couple :o)

  4. lacey said

    i loved the one of them sitting on the washers….awesome ideas!

  5. madisonrenaye said

    This is awesome…LOVE IT!!!

  6. Leah said

    Beautiful Couple and wonderfully creative photos! I love them and am inspired! Great Job!

  7. Tiffany said

    HOW CUTE!!! I have not laughed so hard in days. What a fun idea. BTW, does anyone want to meet me at the laundry mat for a little Ms. Pacman???

  8. sam said

    Those are so awesome, what a great idea. Looks like you guys had a blast.

  9. Crystal DelaHoz said

    I love these and I love laundry mats!

  10. I have never seen Kyle look so much like Ryan as in the last pic! Is it the facial hair??

    They’re both pretty darned good-lookin’ dudes — in the most manly way I could say that… 🙂

    Diggin’ the washeteria vibe!

  11. Andee's Dad Ryan said

    yes, we do look alike. thanks for the manly comment chip!

  12. marsha said

    love the last one and the collage. They are so cute!

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