Pools and Popsicles

May 30, 2008

This is what summer is all about! I am going to be offering mini-sessions for “all things summer” during the month of June. Be as creative as you want, but here are some ideas…bubbles, big colorful lollipops, sprinklers, blow-up pools, water slides, trampolines, the pool, or even just the park. These sessions will last 25-30 minutes and you will get 10-15 retouched images in a gallery online to choose from. These sessions are only available Tuesday thru Thursday during the day. The cost of the session is $65 and will include (1) 5X7 of your choice. There is a 3 kid limit. Want something a little more extravagant? then book the collage mini-session…the collage mini-session is $125 and includes a custom collage of your fun summer day. These are either 10X20 or 16X20 size…you pick which size you want. They will be printed on either plain or metallic paper and mounted on a mat board. You will also get to view 10-15 retouched images in a gallery. I will be taking a limited number of these sessions, so book them early! I got together with a few friends today to photograph a sample for you. So here are a few sample collages (of course I had to make a seperate one for each of our families)…

this is Andee’s collage (it is a 16X20)…

this is Elizabeth’s collage (it is a 10X20)…

and the Smith girl’s collage (it is a 16X20)…




9 Responses to “Pools and Popsicles”

  1. smithgirls said

    Yea!!! What a fun day it was! The pictures really turned out great !

  2. melanie said

    looks like you guys had a great time!!! too sweet!

  3. Alisha said

    OMG!!!!!!! WE LOVE THEM!!!! You captured the sweetness even in the midst of grumpiness 🙂 (I know……that is probably not a word.

  4. Alisha said

    By the way……how long did you stay up last night….or should I say, this morning???!!!

  5. jamiekutter said

    awhile! I am giving myself a curfew next week. I have been staying up way to late!

  6. Robyn said

    We definately need to chat about this “mini-session”!!! I am a huge fan of the collages :o) Those girls look like they had a blast. I love popsicles in the pool! Abigail’s freckles are precious too :o) We need to set up a time for my kiddos…is Tiffany offering her pool?!?

  7. smithgirls said

    Yes Robyn, you can use my pool!!

  8. Cathy said

    LOVE those! I really enjoy minisessions they are a blast. I have a popsicle one scheduled for July, great minds think alike!

    Another FUN idea is watermelon!! SO cute 🙂

  9. Crystal DelaHoz said

    These are TOO cute!!

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