June 2, 2008

 This is Taylor (aka TAG). Tag and I bonded immediately. He kept giving me random hugs throughout the whole session. He was precious! I almost never ever like the first shot I take when I start a session. Well, usually it is a light check anyway so I can look at my histogram before moving on. This time luckily the light was nice, because this was the first shot I snapped…

It was such a sweet moment between Tag and his mom. They didn’t even know I was ready!


At the end of the session we let Tag play baseball. This kid is serious about baseball. He hits that ball so hard! I got hit by the ball twice and it hurt so bad! I told his mom I was charging extra because of the bruises! Here are a few baseball pics…



9 Responses to “Taylor”

  1. smithgirls said

    He’s so grown up!!! What adorable pictures. I love the close up of them on the RR tracks. Todd is going to be so excited on Father’s Day!

  2. Katy said

    these are way cute! great job, Jamie!

  3. They are a cute pair!! Awesome railroad shot.

  4. Are you shooting 1.2 glass? (*jealous*)

  5. Sam said

    I love the baseball collage. Great job.

  6. jamiekutter said

    I wish Chip! the best glass I have is 1.8..still very nice! the first few are with my 135 f/2…love that lens!

  7. tag's mom said

    I can hardly wait till Father’s Day…this is going to be the best gift ever. Jamie you have such a gift with the camera and with children. Tag can’t wait for our next photoshoot.

  8. Robyn said

    I love the first one…moments like that don’t get captured often and now she can remember forever!! He is precious, love the baseball.

  9. Chris said


    The photos are fabulous! Once again…a wonderful job capturing the unique personalities. Todd will be very moved:)

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