A sweet gift!

June 5, 2008

On Sunday I met up with Mike, Lynsy and McKensy to shoot their family pictures. Lynsy had a surprise for me when I got there! She makes these, isn’t it so cute…

I knew there would be lots of people wanting to know how to get one, so I asked her how much she sells them for…$20 for the set (and that includes a bigger bow). If you want to contact her her number is 936-524-0381. Tell her I sent you! Oh and she also sells great bows for little girls. All the colors that you can imagine! Andee has quite the bow collection. Andee is wearing her shirt and matching bow today with her little black converse. She looks so cute! I would take a picture but apparently we have pink eye and its not very pretty! Their family session will be blogged soon!


5 Responses to “A sweet gift!”

  1. Lynsy Johnson said

    I love my Jamie Kutter!!!

  2. Robyn said

    Aren’t those the cutest ever!?! Abi has two already. I told Lynsy she could wear one every day of the week. Abi thinks it’s super cool that her name is on her shirt :o) Can’t wait to see their family photos…

  3. Leah said

    So cute! And I was AMAZED to see that someone else spells their name exactly the same as my daughter – L Y N S Y ….. though she often gets upset because when she tells people her name they never spell it correctly

  4. Alisha said

    You need to stop influencing me to want to spend money!!

  5. Melanie said

    Super Cute!!!!

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