June 12, 2008

I had to post this very funny picture that my friend Clark shot at Chris and Julie’s wedding a few weeks ago. Chris and Julie happen to have a lot of photo/video friends. We had it covered to say the least. (We actually set this up to make a joke out of it). Chris and Julie actually work with our friends Joey and Natalie who own 31 films. AMAZING videographers…if you need a video they are so good!

I can’t believe I’m even posting the next picture, but here is a funny picture that Clark took of me ( a wide angle up close does me no good!)…

He was just paying me back for doing it to him…

(I’ll be getting a phone call in the morning about posting this picture…hahaha!)


2 Responses to “paparazzi!”

  1. Rica said

    Oh my gosh Jamie… HA HA! That pic of Clark is hilarious! Thanks for posting it. =)

  2. Clark said

    You could have a least touched me up a bit ….GEEZ!!

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