June 17, 2008

I shot Stephanie’s senior pictures a few weeks ago. I am so behind on my blog again! I am going to try to catch up this week! Stephanie is beautiful and very photogenic! We tried lots of fun things and I found some new spots that I just loved! She was a trooper for sure. Her boyfriend came along to be in a few of them, so I had fun with that too! Here are some of my favorites…

The next one is very different from my normal stuff, but I absolutely love it! I love how old it looks, she is perfect for this style of picture. Tell me what you think…

and some of Stephanie and her boyfriend…





4 Responses to “Stephanie”

  1. Katy said

    I love the door in the third photo. These are great. I like the “old” one too:)

  2. Sam said

    I really like the picture that looks old. They are all great pictures.

  3. Robyn said

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the second one…the stairs are so cool (and the garbage thing too!) I also love the last one too. High school romance is so sweet, and can last forever :o)

  4. Cathy said

    Love these Jamie! The old door is so cool……..

    And the old looking pic rocks! Sunflare is awsome as well. Love looking at your work Jamie!

    I need to set up a session for Layne with you I would love to see what you would do with her. She is over me 😉

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