June 19, 2008

David just graduated also! I know David from the youth group at our church. He is such an awesome guy and is so enthusiastic about his love for God. It is so great to see that in a teenager. He lives in Spring and goes to one of the Klein schools…it is to confusing to remember which one. We talked about it, but I already forgot. There is Klein, Klein Oak, Klein Collins…probably more who knows. I had a great time taking his pictures. He laughed at me the whole time because I would be talking to him one minute and the next lost in my “picture” thoughts. It’s true though during sessions I sometimes get distracted easily when I “picture” something. I could be in mid-sentence and then just stop talking until after the picture I am seeing is taken. This day was especially bad because I was in a new place. Here are my favorites of David…



Sometimes I’m funny…


3 Responses to “David”

  1. Stephanie said

    there is another one. klein forest!

    beautiful pictures jamie

  2. Robyn said

    I like the “funny” one…he looks very genuine!!

  3. jen thomson said

    AWWWW! these are great 🙂 he looks so handsome!

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