The Wicks

June 20, 2008

The Wicks are great friends of ours and they just moved to Alabama to pastor a church. We were so sad to see them go! We used to have so much fun with them on game nights at the Ingrahams. They are such a precious family and we miss them alot! I knew they wanted to have pictures done before they moved and it made a perfect going away gift! I have taken way to long to show them these pictures, so hopefully they will love them and that will make it worth the wait!




4 Responses to “The Wicks”

  1. Alisha said

    Thanks a lot, Jamie, for making me cry first thing this morning!! Those really made me miss them even more!!!!!!!!! They are awesome! I want a 5×7 for my house!!

  2. Robyn said

    Yeah Wicks :o) What awesome pictures!! Every single one is perfect! I love the black and white park bench picture. The wildflowers are beautiful too…even though I get itchy looking at that tall grass :o)

  3. Melanie Stichler said

    Oh the Wicks! We miss them so much! Can’t wait to meet baby Wicks!!

  4. Marsha said

    So sad to see them go but what a blessing they will be at the new church. Great photos as always Jamie… they are such a pretty family.

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