A perfect night!

July 10, 2008

Man, when I get on a roll of neglecting my blog I get on a roll don’t I! Something new…Let’s see it was June 28th and Ryan and I started shooting Marie and Michael’s wedding at 8:30am. By the time we were finished it was around 5:45 and we started heading home from Houston (the wedding went great and I can’t wait to blog some of my favorites). Tiffany had invited us to come over for dinner and go out on the lake after the wedding. After seriously considering not going, with thoughts of sleep floating in our heads…we went with it and decided on a whime to go. We stopped by Ryan’s parents house to pick up Andee, grabbed some swim suits, and jumped in the car (after downloading and making back-ups of all the wedding files, of course). Ryan insisted that I leave the camera since I had been holding it for at least 9 hours….before we even got out of the drive way I was already bolting out of the car to go back and grab it. I just couldn’t leave it behind. We had so much fun eating, swimming and boating with our friends that I almost forgot how tired I was! I am feeling a little black and white today…

Andee loves going on the boat!

Lizzie Lou’s first boat ride… 

our guys…

between us we have lots of girls!

I love this face…

our el capitan…



the girls had grill cheese and fruit on the boat (look at andee, that girl’s crazy!)… 

she takes after her dad (this is Ryan’s idea of a float!)…


After we got back from our boat ride we put all the girls down in Tiffany and Justin’s bed to watch a movie, so we could eat dinner and get in the hot tub! Look how cute they are…


5 Responses to “A perfect night!”

  1. Sam said

    Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the picture of all the girls in the bed, so cute!

  2. Alisha said

    Okay, I want ALL of them!!!!!!!! Those are the cutest pics ever…….such a sweet time with friends!!!!

  3. Crystal DelaHoz said

    Ohhhh, that does look that the perfect night. How fun! Good for you for pushing through and not missing such a great night.

  4. Tiffany said

    LOVE THEM!!! What a bunch of sweet girls and great pictures! Let’s do that again tonight on the Pacific – you guys up for that???

  5. jamiekutter said

    Don’t even rub it in! But since you brought it up are you buying the tickets to Costa???

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