The Thomson Crew

July 15, 2008

Well, the good news is my office is sparkly clean and organized in a new, much more effective way! I’m so excited about it! I’ll have to blog a picture soon! Tanner and Tatum were so much fun to photograph. It was a nasty day and we went back and forth on whether or not to even keep the appt. I think this was their 3rd or 4th appt. though, so we were desperate to make it work! The twins were so funny, they have such different personalities and they are both so active! I have been so lucky to get to photograph so many twins lately! It is definitely a challenge, but it is so worth it. We started at a familiar place in dowtown Conroe…

My philosophy is if your gonna cry you might as well go all out and he did…look at Tanner (how cute is that cry face!)…



7 Responses to “The Thomson Crew”

  1. Johnna said


  2. Misty said

    Beautiful as always! Great job.

  3. Beth said

    They’re beautiful! I love the sailing outfits with the lighthouse!

  4. jamiekutter said

    I’m so glad you like them Johnna! Misty I love that you are stopping by my blog…you, Cathy and I need to have a “photographer” lunch sometime! We had to do the lighthouse to go with their outfits, it was fun.

  5. Melissa Brown said

    I always look at the pictures and never comment. When i saw the sailor outfits and the lighthouse i had to comment on that. This is possibly the cutest picture!!! Love it!!

  6. Eric said

    Hey Jamie! These pictures turned out great! My little niece and nephew(s) (Johnna is a little pregnant) are so cute!

    Did you know your website is down, btw? 🙂

  7. Tanner said

    hi my last name is Kutter my Dad’s name is neal

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