Mr. and Mrs. Tharp

July 24, 2008

This is probably the most unusual and fun wedding I have ever attended. Brian and Lindsey wanted their ceremony to represent Jesus coming for his bride (the Church). It was a celebration! Lindsey and her father gathered in a room with all of the wedding guests. When the time came for her to go and meet her groom the room was filled with voices singing, drums pounding, and homemade noise makers shuffling to the beat. The groom and his guys came traveling up a long road and the momentum got bigger and bigger as he came to met his bride. It was such an interactive wedding for all of the guests in attendance. I have had such a hard time trying to blog this wedding. There aren’t just a few pictures that can portray this event. From the Salvation Army Harbour Light choir, to all of the guests parading down the hill it was full of exciting things to photograph. My friend, Clark, shot this wedding with me because there was so much going on at one time. The bride and groom were in two completely different locations before the wedding. Clark got some great shots of the guys, while I stayed with the bride. Brian and Lindsey also didn’t want any formal pictures at their wedding, so we had the pre-wedding shoot that I posted a few weeks ago. It was purely candid, which was kind of fun….

classic mother of the bride pre-ceremony moment…

The details were fantastic…

They had interpretive dance before the ceremony started…

The drums starting…

One thing Brian and Lindsey wanted was pictures of their guests. Brian told me that all of the people there were very precious to them and he wanted shots of their faces. I gave Ryan the 135 f/2 and sent him on a “faces” mission. He got some great shots and I think this was the day he fell in love with that lens. Now I can never get it back from him at weddings.

the cake…

For their exit they had all the guests line up with candles and they walked through the middle with the harbour light choir singing behind them. It was beautiful!



9 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Tharp”

  1. Beth said

    This looks like such a fun wedding. I love all the colors. Ryan got some great shots too. 🙂 Remind me to tell you the funny story about me meeting Lindsey!

  2. Those details are fantastic! I think your collage of faces is really neat too.

  3. Brian and Lindsey — Your wedding was beautiful, both tangibly and otherwise!

    Jamie — you rocked this one, girl! What an amazing day to be a part of! Very nice.

  4. Rachel Rodriguez said

    LOVE the Face collage!!
    i so ❤ my future fam 😉

    Beautiful-Stunning work Ma’m!

  5. Aaron said

    jeez – gorgeous shots!

  6. Eric said

    There is a man in the “Faces” section that is fixing to attack Ryan…see if you can tell which one…

  7. Pam said

    That “man” with the attack-looking face is “Happy”, my dad and Lindsey’s grandfather… he’s usually very cheerful in crowds…but must’ve caught him in a strange moment 🙂

    The pictures are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much!

  8. jamiekutter said

    well, I obviously thought he was cute otherwise I wouldn’t have included the picture in the collage. I think he just looks serious!

  9. Pam Crouse said

    your blog is the most creative artsy spot i’ve found in a while… i love looking at what your eye sees 🙂

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