Meet my Grandfather!

July 29, 2008

I have been editing images from Marie and Michael’s wedding today, but I had to stop and put this post up because it is all I can think about at the moment. This is my Granddaddy Wedelich and he is simply amazing! I truly have the best granddad. He is father to 15 children, grandad to 39, and great-granddad to 9. Tomorrow morning he goes in for open heart surgery, so please be praying for him! I know he will be fine, but this will definitely be tough on him…he is 81 years old! Here are some pictures that I took of him when I went to visit he and my grandmother at the beach last month.

I like to photograph people’s hands. I think they are so interesting…

a morning nap (this is what happens when you have a photographer for a granddaughter! you get photographed while you are sleeping!)…

and I had to show you one of my beautiful grandmother too…


9 Responses to “Meet my Grandfather!”

  1. Melanie said

    Oh, these are PRECIOUS and priceless!! What a blessing that you still have your granddaddy!! I have and will continue to pray for God’s hand to be on the surgeon and for peace for you all!! HUGS!

  2. Crystal said

    I LOVE the first one! I will pray for him tomorrow!

  3. I dont even know him, but I like him just from the photographs!

  4. Those are so great. What a legacy!

  5. clarklara said

    Love the pics. Your grandfather looks like he would have some great stories to tell. I iwll say a prayer for him and your family.

  6. jamiekutter said

    oh my goodness! did clark just comment my blog????

  7. Leah Marie said

    I am so glad you shared those with us. My kids really liked seeing them. It was interesting(and time consuming!) to check out your site this morning. love ya

  8. April Marie said

    Ive been so worried all morning and looking at the pictures just made me feel closer to the family although I’m so far away. Love April

  9. Beth said

    These pictures are priceless, Jamie. 🙂 Your grandmother looks lovely as always. I can see a little bit of you in that picture.

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