Marie and Michael

July 31, 2008

I knew this wedding was going to be fun as soon as we started shooting at 8:30am. Marie was so excited and just beaming with joy. The ceremony was at a beautiful Catholic church in downtown Houston. We were able to head around the corner to Discovery green for some of shots of the couple and the bridal party. It was a great day! Get ready for lots of images…

As most of you already know my husband second shoots at weddings with me. He is becoming so good! I had to show you the next two images because he totally out shot me….embarassing I know, but I guess it means I’m a good teacher! The first picture is my shot of them coming down the aisle and the second Ryan’s. I like his so much better!!!! He took some really gorgeous images at this wedding…I was so proud!

Ryan also grabbed the next shot right after they walked out of the church….gheez, I might be working for Ryan Kutter Photography soon! I love the composition of this candid moment…

Their first dance…


One Response to “Marie and Michael”

  1. Marsha said

    Wow beautiful pics. I love catholic churches they amaze me with all the details. I could have sat there for hours just looking around. Ryan did do a really great job also!

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