Day 2 at the Farm

August 19, 2008

Well I didn’t get very far blogging in Belize. Ryan brought a mouse for the computer that I did not get along with! I’m kind of picky when it comes to mouses. I am going to try to get lots more pictures from our trip up here. We had a great time! Here are some (okay lots) of pictures from Day 2. We spent the whole day at my family’s Citrus farm. It is the most beautiful place. They have several waterfalls on there property, so of course we had to visit one. Last time we swam in the pond and slid down the waterfall, but this time the weather was rainy and nasty so we decided to just hang out and not swim. Andee loved it! They don’t live at the farm, but they have a vacation home there and it is so beautiful! Here’s my tour of the farm house…

Views from the veranda…

My Great Uncle John and Aunt Marta…

My cousin Elda…

The guys went out on the farm and picked some fresh limes. The limeade was amazing!!!!

We had some very special guests for lunch! Some special forces were doing some training on my uncles property (hopefully I am allowed to post this picture!)…

Andee and her cousin Teresa had so much fun together…

It started raining on us, so we had to get the camera out of there! One last shot of Andee and I…


8 Responses to “Day 2 at the Farm”

  1. I can’t Belize it!! What an amazing trip!! That house, if left unoccupied, needs consistent tenants. And I hereby volunteer my valuable tenant-ing services! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m sorry for the silly way I began this comment… 🙂

  2. Melanie said

    I want to be there!!

  3. jamiekutter said

    Chip, I bought a t-shirt at the airport that says belize it or not!

  4. jamiekutter said

    I just noticed that Elda is using a knife as a spatula! thats funny

  5. Ryan said

    What a great trip!!!! I love you!

  6. lroah said

    So jealous. Have a wonderful time! We went to Belize a while back but didn’t see much as it rained the ENTIRE time!

  7. Denise Jones said

    WOW!! How luck you are to ‘rough it’ at such a beautiful farm house. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  8. Crystal said

    wow!! that farm is GORGEOUS. How fun and I couldn’t be MORE jealous.

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