Day 3 Mayan Ruins

August 22, 2008

We went to Altun Ha to visit the ruins. Mayan ruins never cease to amaze me! We also stopped by Uncle John and Aunt Marta’s old farm. There were bats in their old house…I kind of freaked out! On the way home we got to meet a local guy that loves snakes. He got bitten by a viper recently and almost died. After the accident they released 30 something snakes from his home.  He is recovering now, and back to collecting snakes (non-poisonous this time he says).  Thank goodness for long lenses because I was not getting to close! I tried to take a picture of Uncle John with him, but he wouldn’t get close enough either! It was another great ( and very interesting) day in Belize!

As Andee would say this is Papacita…Yesterday Andee saw the picture of Aunt Marta and Uncle John from the previous post and she said “look mommy it’s Papacita!” In Belize all of their Grandkids call them Papa John and Mamacita. Andee just combined their names…It thought it was funny enough to share!

Andee drinking coke for the first time. Her reaction was priceless!

Jackie (she is married to my cousin Cisco…wait until you see their cute baby!)

Ryan, Andee, and our tour guide (Andee’s face makes me laugh!)…

finally free to run…

Elda, John, and Liam…

This is Cortlandt, Jackie and Cisco’s baby girl (she is something else!)

We stayed under this tree for awhile. It was HOT!

My favorite picture of the ruins…

I could photograph Teresa (or as Andee says Resa) all day long!

The view from the top. We couldn’t figure out what the circles on the ground are from…I personally think Aliens, but I’m not sure anyone agrees with me.

The old farm house. Aunt Marta made me promise not to put these pictures up and say that this is where they used to live (but guess what…this is where they used to live!) Okay, so it did look a little different when they lived there. Apparently there was a second story, but over time they had to take it down. They put up the temporary tin roof to keep it until they do something with it one day. I like to call this place the bat cave! I wish I had taken more pictures of the land this house was on because it was really beautiful!

The Snake Whisperer…

Andee watching safely from the car!

Belize also has DRAGONS everywhere! can you see it…


2 Responses to “Day 3 Mayan Ruins”

  1. c.s. said


    You take some amazing photos girl!

  2. marsha said

    those are great pics of andee and her cousin she looks like she is having so much fun. I love “the snake whisperer” photos your pictures really capture their culture.

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