October 6, 2008

That is pretty much all I can say about Miss Emily! She was so fun during her session….all smiles. Last time I photographed her she was less than enthusiastic about me taking pictures of her. This time we were buddies. How cute is she….


8 Responses to “Perfection”

  1. Kat said

    Jamie, I love them!!!!! You are awesome! -Kat

  2. Kat said

    Jamie, these are amazing! I love them!!!! You are awesome!

  3. Beth said

    She is so cuuuute! I’m sure her parents are absolutely thrilled with these pictures. She’s beautiful!

  4. Heather said

    this baby is so freaking precious!!! i don’t even know what to say about these! they are perfect =)

  5. Holy cow! We’ve been gone waaaaaayyy too long…

    These are great!

  6. melanie said

    Could she be any cuter? She is PRECIOUS!!

  7. i want to eat her up! she is beautiful! great pics!

  8. oh, and i just sent your hard drive back to you two days ago. do you have an old tryicle?

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