Pray for Melanie!

October 22, 2008

My very good friend, Melanie Stichler, is in need of prayer. Melanie is a friend, a mom to two beautiful children, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and the list goes on. She is in need of a divine intervention and complete healing from her Savior and Lord. You can view her care page at Her page is named YAMS (you are my sunshine…a phrase she and her husband use daily toward each other). Please pray! Those that know and love her appreciate it more than you know! We are truly believing for a COMPLETE recovery. Here are a few snapshots that I found on my computer of Melanie at various b-day parties and get togethers…

this is Melanie and her husband Jeff….

Alisha, me, and Melanie…

Melanie and her son…

this is Melanie with her daughter…


7 Responses to “Pray for Melanie!”

  1. Robyn said

    I have been waiting for this blog!!! I’m so glad that you posted these pics of Mel…She is a true blessing to know and I AM BELIEVING IN ABSOLUTE HEALING!!! We love you Mel :o)

  2. Rica said

    I don’t know Melanie… but I know she is a dear friend to you…we’ll keep her in our prayers and we hope for all the best. These are lovely pics of her.

  3. Erin Trantham said

    You have an amazing talent, Jamie! Thank you so much for posting these beautiful pictures that capture the MASTERPIECE that Melanie is! I, too, am believing in complete healing of body and mind. I am praying for her without ceasing! Hope to meet you at MOPS on Friday.

  4. Deidre Mann said

    BEAUTIFUL! Truly Beautiful! Thanks Jamie!

  5. marsha said


  6. D'Anna said

    I knew Melanie from High School. She has always been a wonderful person and has a wonderful family. It is great that she has such great friends around her to do such beautiful things for her. My family and I are praying for her complete recovery. God Bless her and her family.

  7. Pamela Tunnell Jones said

    Such beautiful pictures!!! Melanie has been my friend since we were toddlers basically!!! She has always been a sweet and loving person…..Thank you for posting these pics! I can’t stop praying for her!!!

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