November 12, 2008

 Thanks to everyone for being so incredibly patient during this busy season for me. I am blessed with amazing clients!  Katie this is for you (I will blog more of your images later today!) but I just couldn’t resist showing you this image…


Here’s whats coming up this week:

Katie and Seth

The King Family

The Ashby Family

The Dunaway Family


Rachel’s bridal

Clark and Rica’s fantastic Vegas wedding and amazing boneyard shoot

and one I can’t wait to show you…images from a photo workshop I went to last weekend (in the middle of my busiest season…I know!)

Whew! I have some work to do!


2 Responses to “Today!”

  1. Katie Clymer said

    I love it! I will be blowing that one up for above the couch! We had so much fun taking pictures with you. Well, Seth and I did, I am not so sure about Jet 🙂

  2. Crystal said

    love that shot. how cute!

    my list is quite long too. oh, the stress.

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