Katie and Seth

November 13, 2008

This is such a neat couple. They have been together FOREVER…high school sweethearts and all! It is really very cute! Katie and I went to school together and graduated the same year. It was so fun to get to see her in this stage of her life. We had a blast taking these photos. They brought along their dog, Jet, who has the funniest personality. Katie warned me that he wasn’t big on cameras and I soon found out when he “jetted” back to the car to get away from me! (p.s. ryan made fun of me for writing that but I’m leaving it bc I think its funny) Then I found out the only time he gets his picture made is when Katie dresses him up in little costumes and tries to take pictures of him….seriously, I didn’t stand a chance! I’m pretty sure I will be adding to this post tomorrow (after I’ve had some sleep!), but since I have kept them waiting for long enough here are a few of my favorites…






The Look (aka you’re starting to get on my nerves lady!)


his big wet nose…



A few more images….






2 Responses to “Katie and Seth”

  1. Katie Clymer said

    Thank you Jamie! We love them! You totally captured Jets personality! The last one is my favorite.

    Thank you!

  2. Beth said

    These are so cute! I laughed when I saw “the look.” How funny!

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