Happy Birthday Rob King!

November 17, 2008

Meet the King Family…My husband works with Rob at our church, The Ark Family Church. He is the student pastor and Ryan (my husband) is the student worship pastor. Rob and Stephanie have the most adorable family. Caleb, their youngest, is very close in age to Andee. He was such a ham at the photo shoot…I loved every minute of it. He was all smiles and giggles. We did this session on a Saturday and at church on Sunday Caleb ran up to me…I have always wanted to win him over and I think I finally did!  Plus, I always enjoy photographing their older two girls because they are so photogenic and are up for anything!









So Rob, I secretly waited to blog your photos so that I could do it on your birthday! (actually, no not really…but it sounds better than I am so behind and I’m finally getting these pictures online for you!).


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Rob King!”

  1. Alisha said

    OMG! How stinkin’ cute!! I love both pics with Caleb in the front!

  2. Sam said

    These came out great, I love the third one!

  3. Paw Paw said

    I must agree with Rob. These pictures are 100% awesome!

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