I am thankful!

November 27, 2008

I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday! I am blessed with a life that is better than I could have ever imagined for myself. I love my husband so much. He is truly exactly what I need and want…He is wonderful. Our daughter has made our life so full too. She is something else. We laugh all the time at all the funny things she does and says. She is this little person with a gigantic personality!

I am so thankful to have a business that is doing great and fantastic people that continue to love and appreciate what I do. I love so much that you keep coming back. I was the kid that knew early what I wanted to do with my life and I never looked back. I started telling everyone that I would be a photographer when I grew up starting at age 10. I remember running around with my teal and pink vivitar camera glued to my hands. Thanks to my parents who never stopped buying me film! Photography is so much a part of who I am and how I see the world. I am thankful that I am a better photographer than I was last year and I know that next year I will be better than I am today. The Lord is constantly opening my eyes wider and wider regarding my profession and I am so very grateful for that.

I wanted to post something that is really special to me today. I want you to see someone who is incrediby thankful! A picture just wouldn’t do, so I had to bring my point and shoot olympus (the camera that can go underwater! we love that thing) and make a little video. It is terrible lighting and I am laughing through the entire thing, but her joy is contagious. A little background info for you before you watch:

I know some of you may remember the post I did not to long ago asking everyone to pray for my friend Melanie. Well, it started on Oct. 17, 2008 when she passed out in Target. She was actually talking to me on the phone when it happened. I was in the Las Vegas airport headed to a wedding that I was photographing. She told me that she was going to pass out. I had no idea where she was and I couldn’t get her back on the phone. I immediately called our friend, Alisha. She went to her house and then finally got a call from Melanie’s husband and was able to meet him at the ER. Melanie’s heart had gone into a v-fib and they shocked her 7 or 8 times before they got her stabilized. We found out that she has a genetic condition called the Brugada syndrome. It is an electrical problem with her heart. For lack of a better word she was in a coma for two weeks. The doctors were concerned about the return of cerebral functioning of her brain. We truly believed that God was not finished with her and that he would have the final say. We knew God would heal her. On Halloween, Jeff (her husband) called us and told us that she had woken up. We rushed to the hospital…it was the greatest night ever! Melanie was there! She was laughing and crying. She couldn’t talk yet due to the tracheotomy, but it was the greatest thing I have ever seen. She is now in a rehabilitation hospital in Houston and doing fantastic. I think I’ll just let her tell you….


3 Responses to “I am thankful!”

  1. this is perfect for today. it is in the little things that we should be thankful for.

  2. Rica said

    Great post Jamie. =) Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  3. jamiekutter said

    personality and humor intact! love you Mel! thanks for the comments girls 🙂

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